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Clean & Sanitizing Your Water Cooler

Note: Cooler Manufactures recommend cooler sanitizing at least every 6 months.

  • Unplug the cooler from the electrical outlet.
  • Remove the bottle.
  • Drain any water left in the reservoir through the faucets
  • Prepare 2 gallons of water by adding 2 ounces of chlorine bleach. This is your sanitizing solution. Do not use soap, vinegar, liquid cleaning detergents or other harsh chemicals on the inside of your water cooler. This relatively weak chlorine solution will sterilize the cooler holding tank. The remaining chorine, if any is left after your thorough rinsing will evaporate.  
  • After draining reservoir, remove spigots from cooler. Drop the spigots in a bowl (probably a quart) of your cleaning solution.  Move handle open and closed a few times to make sure solution is all through the spigots valve.
  • While spigots soak, spend time on the outside of the cooler cleaning with mild dish soap.
  • Replace the spigot(s) on the cooler in the closed position.
  • Pour the rest of the cleaning solution; you should have 2 gallons less a quart from cleaning spigots, into the cooler reservoir. Do not overfill.
  • Use a clean (sterile is recommended) cloth or sponge to remove any buildup inside the reservoir tank.
  • Drain the cleaning solution from reservoir via the spigots. If you have multiple spigots open them all and catch solution in bucket for discard.
  • Next is the rinse. Pour 2 gallons of water into the reservoir. I do use tap water for this because it will be discarded, but using your purified water of course is acceptable.
  • Rinse again using the same procedure. Rinse again. Rinse as many times as you need to ensure water runs clear and odor free. Last rinse should be purified water.

Other options;

  • Pouring boiling hot water slowly into reservoir until it is full will also sterilize the interior parts of the cooler. Allow water to stand for 1 minute. Drain water out of both faucets.

***Advantage*** extra rinsing is not required

***Warning *** plastic parts may melt or be compromised.